Price List 

BOX SHIPMENTS TO MEXICO: Charged by weight.
$ 3.50 x pound + Customs Tax (30% of value of goods).
Home delivery.
  • Arrives in 8-10 business days.
  • Items allowed: Clothing, shoes, toys, electronics, tools, etc..
  • Items not allowed: Gold, cash, pornography, weapons and illegal merchandise.


  • Track by Correos de Mexico HERE
  • Track by Estafeta HERE
  • Track by Estrella Blanca HERE
  • Please refer to information on Mexico customs regulations HERE
The pound $ 3.50
30% customs tax
Minimum of 15 pounds and up
Check every Thursday
Home delivery 8-10 days
The same restrictions apply for mx packages, what is not sent.
The pound $ 3.00.
Minimum 15 lbs and up.
Delivery service.
3-4 business days.
Restricted Items (alcohol, cigarettes, prohibited substance, etc.).
Fireworks and solid flammable matches and loads to fill, lighters.
Bleach, drain cleaners, compressed gases, spray butane fuel, scuba tanks, propane tanks, firearms, gunpowder, ammunition, tear gas, pepper spray.
Dangerous goods:
Dry ice, batteries, camping equipment with fuel or other derivatives.
Prohibited goods:
Illegal chemical substances, money, diamonds, jewelry, perishable and perishable, hides and skins of animals, counterfeit merchandise referred to as "pirate". Laboratory samples (toxic, hazardous or special handling), animals (alive or dead), parts with liquid waste, articles of extraordinary value, precious stones, money or coins, metals, debt securities, plants (natural), liquids pornographic material, any type of knives, glass (in any of its forms) and psychotropic substances (chemicals and basic chemical precursors), laser items, CDs or DVD unrecorded (blank), other.
It is recommended to properly seal your items and / or package.
BOX SHIPMENTS TO CENTRAL AMERICA: Charged by the size of the box, the same rules apply for things that can be
  and can not be sent.
  • Guatemala 30'' x 30'' x 30'' $ 270.00
  • Honduras 30'' x 30'' x 30'' $ 300.00
  • El Salvador 30'' x 30'' x 30'' $ 330.00
  • Nicaragua 30'' x 30'' x 30'' $ 350.00
('') = Inches.